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Yemeni drones hit Saudi Najran Airport, causing this

YemenExtra Y.A The Air Force of the Yemeni army forces carried out an attack with Qasef 2K drone targeting Najran Airport. Armed Forces Spokesman stated that "the first wave of drones, Qasef 2K, targeting Saudi Najran Airport hit…

Yemeni drones strike Patriot System in Najran Airport

YemenExtra Y.A Air Force of the Yemeni  army forces ,Thursday, carried out a new attack by Qasef K2 combat drone on Najran Regional Airport for the third time in 72 hours. A military source told YemenExtra that the operation has…

Saudi Spy Drone Downed by Yemen’s Army

YemenExtra M.A. Yemen's army with support from volunteers from the popular committee has shot down a Saudi spy plane near Najran on Friday, one day after shooting down a similar UAV in Jizan. A military source reported that the air…