A Yemeni Female Child Killed in Saudi Bombardment on Hajjah




A child was killed after a Saudi missile attack targeted the homes of citizens in Bani Haddad area of Haradh District in Hajjah governorate.

The seven-year-old girl, Shakhra Mohammed Mansour Haddadi, was killed on Tuesday evening by a Saudi missile attack on her family’s home in the village of Om Al-Ghuraf in Bani Haddad area based in the bordering district of Haradh.

This crime comes in the context of the humanitarian violations perpetrated by the Saudi-led coalition against citizens in the districts of Haradh, Medi and Bakil al-Mir in Hajjah governorate, which are subjected to daily Saudi raids and shelling.

Such subsequent indiscriminate bombardment led to the mass exodus of citizens from their areas, except for a few families who stayed in their homes due to lack of financial capability.

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