What surprises coming in the Yemeni missile force?





General Aziz Rashid, deputy military spokesman for the Yemeni army allied with Ansar Allah, said that there are surprises coming in the Yemeni missile force, which will be announced in practice in the coming period.

Rashed said in an interview that we have great scientific and academic capabilities in the field of missiles. They have been updated and developed during the war years when the circumstances call for it. Military manufacturing today is available to small and big countries if they are not subject to political blackmail. There is determination and will.

Rashed said that the rockets fired at Saudi Arabia are 100 percent homemade rockets, manufactured locally, but similar to the Russian and North Korean missiles. The current range of rocket launches has been subject to scientific research over the past three years. Today to nearly 1400 km.

Rashid added that we achieved self-sufficiency from the locally manufactured missile power. We benefited from the Russian and Korean missile technology that we had in the past. We analyzed and manufactured missiles similar to them and differ in modern technologies, which were developed to keep pace with the new technology.

As well as it is no secret that we have and still have experts and academics who have studied in many countries of the world, including Korea, Russia and Germany, who we have relied on to modernize the domestic missile industry.

On the new rockets, which could be a surprise in the coming period, Rashid said, is from the same series “volcano 1,2” and will come three volcano soon, and there are “Mandeb 1” and “Mandeb 2” and so in the development chain, and there is a research center and manufacturing power Minds, and that are the nucleus of any manufacturing base.