Yemeni Joint Forces Begin Harsh phase of Lahj Offensive




In response to the Saudi-led coalition’s fatal air strikes that claimed the lives of about 15,000 people, mostly civilians , the Yemeni joint  forces carried out an offensive on the Saudi-led coalition’s paid fighters’ posts in southern Kahbob area of Lahj province, a military official on Wednesday.

The offensive operation targeted al-Tabba al-Baidha southern Kahbob , as a result it inflicted the coalition’s paid fighters losses in lives.

The artillery shelling, in addition , hit the sites in advance , the ambulances were seen rushing to the targeted place to evacuate causalities.

In November 12, the Yemeni joint forces, Sunday , foiled an attempt of advancing by the Saudi-led coalition’s paid fighters towards al-Maqatara district of Lahj province.The operation resulted in killing a number of the paid fighters and injured others in al-Sawalha area in the district.

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