Iraqi forces liberate all western desert areas, most important Daesh shelters




Only a small pocket of Daesh terrorists remains on the Iraqi border with Syria.

The Iraqi army has completely freed the territories located between the provinces of Anbar and Saladin in the Iraqi Jazira region from Daesh terrorist group as announced by the command of Hashd Shaabi, a state-sponsored militia integrated into the Armed Forces.

“Hashd Shaabi has completed the liberation of the desert area of Jazira, […] which has been considered as one of the most important Daesh shelters,” the statement said.

According to the statement, only a small Daesh pocket remained in the Iraqi region on the border with Syria, north of the city of Qaim.

During the liberation operation, “dozens of Daesh militants were eliminated” as well as weapons caches and terrorists’ hideouts were found.

The successful operation comes several days after the Iraqi Armed Forces launched an operation to clean up the desert territories on border with Syria from Daesh, which was launched after town of Rawa, the last Daesh stronghold in Iraq, had been freed with the coalition’s assistance.

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