Extensive meeting, preparation for the anniversary of Prophet birthday





In an extensive meeting,the leaders of the Al-Talh district of Sohar, Sa’ada province had condemned the big crime committed by the Saudi regime by introducing a Jewish citizen to desecrate the mosque ,Al-Masjed Al-Nabawe,of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

The meeting was held on Sunday to discuss preparations for the anniversary of the Prophet Mohammed PBUH birthday, in the presence of Governor of Saada, Mohammed Jaber Awad, Deputy Governor Saleh Aqab, Director of Suhar Khalid Deban and Director of Culture Office Yahya Al Hamzi.

The participants in the meeting praised the great interaction of the people of Yemen and Sa’ada in general and the directorate of Sohar especially in reviving the occasion of the birth of the Prophet, and affirmed their readiness to participate in an unprecedented rally in the capital Sana’a on the Anniversary day.