Russia Inflicted a Major Defeat on the American Project:US Website





According to the US website “Salon” that Russia has inflicted a major defeat on the American project in the Middle East, based on the change of regulations through a policy of careful consideration, which was able to save Syria and strengthen relations with Turkey and Iran and other Middle Eastern countries.

“The meeting between Putin and Assad means a lot to Russia and its partner Syria, which is clearly going to get out of the war soon, but there are other difficulties that Syria will encounter, but it is easier than all the difficulties and consequences of the war,” said US journalist Patrick Lawrence.

“The last trilateral meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran is important for the Middle East,” he said. “Semantically, we can sum up the meeting as a political alternative to US strategy in the region that relied on Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.”

Lawrence confirmed that the United States lost in Syria, and that the American alliance that included Israel and Arab and Gulf countries has become the past and today the United States to find new ways and strategy for the region, as he put it.

He concluded that the US expert that Russia has returned to the Middle East strongly through privileged relations with many countries and evidence of that is the military agreements between them and countries such as Turkey and Iran and the latest with Saudi Arabia.