Saudi-Led Coalition Hysterically Bomb Sana’a Following Abu Dhabi Strike




The Saudi-led coalition launched dozens of raids on the capital Sana’a on Monday night after the Yemeni Missile Force launched a cruise missile targeting the Abu Dhabi nuclear reactor.

The coalition launched three raids on Sana’a International Airport, two on the Air Defense Camp in the Bani Harith District, and two additional raids on a factory near Eagle Hotel in Sana’a.

Moreover, the hostile aircraft waged a raid on the military engineering in Al-Shoub District, while two raids struck the area of Attan.

To continue, the aerial attacks also included Taba al-Rayyan hilltop in Hadda area using two airstrikes, in addition to a raid on the special forces camp in Sabahah, as well as a raid rocking the house of Issam Jaysh.

The coalition warplanes also bombarded Al-Thawra Stadium, Al-Talfesyoun hilltop and the Guard School.

On the other hand, the Yemeni Missile Force announced, on Sunday, that it has successfully struck the nuclear reactor in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

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