Turkish president making a serious accusation against US





Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan believes that the United States wants to punish and undermine Turkey’s reputation for not being subject to scenarios from outside.

“The Americans are trying to punish us and distort our reputation and condemnation because we do not follow their texts, which are clear and are being implemented with the help of the authors of our presence in our country,” Erdogan said in an interview with AKP activists in the eastern city of Agri.

“They are doing this by following the group of preacher Fathullah Gulen, but they have to know that they will not be able to deceive us.”

The Turkish president accused Washington of supporting the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey.

“Part of the scenarios being practiced against the country is the courts against Turkish citizens in the United States,” Erdogan said.

Erdogan pointed out that this amount of attacks and lying as described, part of a single scenario aimed at subjugating the country and the rift of society.

The Turkish president stressed that all the schemes and plots being fabricated against his country will end in failure, and no one will be able to plunge Turkey.