Yemeni Developments Betray Saudi Hopes: Saleh’s Death Portrays Grim Scenario for Riyadh Plots!




The Saudi led coalition against Yemen received one of the major devastating blows in the now three-year aggressive war. The killing of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh came as a shock to the aggressive coalition. Saudi Arabia pinned hopes Saleh would act as a Trojan horse that could make Sanaa collapse from within, and thus ensure a long awaited victory for Riyadh, after losing face in the Yemeni moving sands. This is what most likely was going to happen, had not Ansarullah movement sabotaged the plot early enough and nipped the plot in its bud.

Now as this chapter is closed, Ansarullah, along with the Yemeni people gain more confidence and morale that they are closer to the final triumph then any time in the past. The success in thwarting the coup led by Saleh does not end the war, yet it serves as a great evidence about the preparedness, alertness and the vision that Ansarullah front enjoys.

The calm speech and decisive position of Sayyed Abdol Malik Badreddine Houthi during the sensitive crisis was very instrumental in absorbing the first shock Saleh caused by his collaboration with the Saudi yesterday’s enemy and paved the way for the later events that torpedoed the whole scheme.

Riyadh now is in a bottle neck, and Mohammad Bin Salman hopes to make any major ground breakthrough that would crown his march to throne are fading away.

Saudis are trying the impossible to win any military battle in Yemen after the war has become a war of attrition.

Now Saudi Arabia along with its hostile coalition are running out of options; the possible scenarios left are not so many. It either accepts what it has been always rejecting, stopping the war and starting a political dialogue that leads to a permanent solution, or continue to drown in the war vicious cycle.

The political solution will necessarily give Ansarullah a legitimate place in the Yemeni political formula which Riyadh is avoiding till now. The second choice for Bin Salman is to continue his devastating war which ruined the whole country and exhausted his country. But this will not last long either after the recent developments.

Which way will Riyadh go is left for a very near future, a future where Bin Salman would not have the luxury to choose between two options, rather be forced to accept what the front dictates, which is necessarily not to his benefit!

Source: Al-Manar Website


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