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Yemeni army forces face US, Israel with missiles in Yemen!

YemenExtra Y.A Dozens of Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, troops and paid fighters lost their lives when Yemeni army forces launched a series of separate attacks against their positions in many battlefronts as Israel keep…

Yemeni Foreign Ministry Rejects Normalization with Israel

YemenExtra M.A. The Yemeni Foreign Ministry affirmed that the participation of the Foreign Minister appointed by ousted former president Hadi with Israel’s prime minister at the Warsaw summit does not represent the Yemeni people. The…

Israel hits Yemeni women, children with Saudi Arabia hands

YemenExtra Y.A By: Yousra Abdulmalik Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has threatened to hit women and children in Yemen irrespective of international criticism that the Saudi-led alliance attacking Yemen is targeting civilian…