Yemen is now facing attacks on media buildings by Saudi-US coalition to cover their failure




After the failure of the alliance against the Yemeni people, and the largest plot against Yemen, which ended with the killing of the leader of the militias of treachery, the alliance uses a hypocrisy among the Yemeni people in order to achieve its goals vice.

The Arab-American-Zionist alliance is stirring up what is left of its cells in order to find internal strife that leads to wars and tribal and partisan conflicts within the Yemeni components. This is the lifeline that the coalition is trying to cling to out of the quagmire into which they hung themselves since March 2015.

The aggression through the sediments left behind by the killing of Ali Abdullah Saleh will try to move some sleeper cells and some of his fingers, which during the period of aggression managed to penetrate through within the Yemeni society.

But today we see some voices screaming to stir the country, although the honor of the conference, in cooperation with the Government of National Salvation to address and thwart the biggest conspiracy orchestrated by the UAE, and that these trumpets belong to and linked to mercenaries and opponents of aggression.

The speech delivered by the leader of the Yemeni revolution, Sayyid Abdul Malik Badruddin al-Houthi, yesterday evening was the best proof that there is great hope in uniting the forces and aligning the ranks in one front to confront the American aggression, because Yemen has the capabilities and wise figures who can emerge from the crisis and face the challenges that Facing the country.
Aggression seeks through propaganda and provocations or the like, to achieve what they could not achieve during the past years, and that there was no problem for the army and the People’s Committees with the General People’s Congress and that the problem of the homeland all the nation is with betrayal and dependence whenever and wherever.

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