Guterres: Stop the ‘stupid war’ in Yemen





“I believe this is a stupid war. I think this war is against the interests of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates… (and) of the people of Yemen,” he said on CNN, employing unusually blunt language for the top UN diplomat.

“What we need is a political solution.”

He said he hoped a Saudi blockade of Yemen’s ports would be lifted.
Saudi Arabia and its allies have launched a campaign to oust Huthi rebels who control the capital Sanaa.
As the war drags on, seven million people are believed to be on the brink of famine and a cholera outbreak has caused more than 2,000 deaths.

“This war is causing, in my opinion, terrible suffering to the Yemeni people,” while also harming Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, Guterres told CNN.

“It’s in the interests of everybody to stop this war.”