Syrian Army makes fresh gains against terrorists in southern Aleppo




Battles against al-Qaeda-linked militants resumed in southern Aleppo countryside with the Syrian forces making progress deep in the terrorist-controlled area.

According to an informed military source, the government forces managed today to impose full control over the strategic Syriatel hilltop and Rasm al-Kabarah village; both located in the south-western flank of Khanassir town.

The liberation of the two terrorist-held positions was achieved following fierce battles with the ultraconservative militants of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham; the al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army continue to pound Rasm Saiyalah and Ramleh towns with heavy artillery and rocket shelling ahead of a prospected ground invasion.

The recent advance was made after huge reinforcements had poured into the battlefront from Syrian Marines as well as the 5thLegion.

Al-Masdar News

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