Iraqi Air Force strikes ISIS high-ranking meeting in Diyala




The commander of the Tigris Operation Room Brigadier General Muzher al-Azzawi confirmed the neutralization of 10 ISIS terrorists in an airstrike carried out on the provincial boundary between Diyala and Salaheddin.

Azzawi stated in a press conference on Friday that two ISIS meeting locations were destroyed in the al-Miyta region north of Ba’aquba. He added that the targeting of the aforementioned hotspots led to the death of 10 militants who were plotting insurgent attacks to harass the local security forces and populace.

Notably, the operation was carried out after information was confirmed and provided by the Popular Mobilization Units’ (PMU) intelligence identifying accurate the coordinates of the ISIL HQs in rural Diyala.

After Iraq’s liberation from ISIS, Iraqi national forces are reserving no efforts in hunting down ISIS’s sleeper cells across Iraq’s vast countryside. Many believe that complacency, corruption, and ignorance on the part of the Iraqi government pre-2014 led to ISIS’s expansion across the country’s deserts and rural regions before the terror group swept through most of Anbar province and the Tigris river.

The current administration seems adamant in its quest to avoid a repeat of this dark chapter in Iraq’s history.

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