The establishment of a Russian military base in Turkey





Russian and Turkish media continue to comment on Russia’s sale of air defense systems to Turkey.

Russia is ready to hand over the S-400 to Turkey in order to provide security for the airspace that includes the Crimea, the Black Sea, Turkey and Syria, according to the Khabar Turk.

The deployment of the Russian air defense media on the territory of Turkey is supposed to require the presence of Russian military personnel. Thus, a Russian military base may be required in Turkey.

On the other hand, a Russian newspaper ruled out that the implementation of the agreement to sell Russian air defense systems to Turkey requires the establishment of a military base.

Not only that, but the newspaper “Stockinfocus” ruled out the establishment of any Russian base in Turkey, pointing to the impossibility of establishing the Russian military base in the territory of any country belonging to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

As for the appearance of Russian military experts in this country when Turkey receives the Russian air defense systems, the newspaper does not rule out this, stressing the inability to establish a military base.

Turkey is expected to start receiving the S-400 systems in 2019.