The US Ambassador role in the development of conflict





US media revealed the negative role played by Washington’s ambassador to Yemen, Matthew Toler, in fueling the conflict between the Yemeni parties and the implementation of the Riyadh agendas fully.

Toller met with Prime Minister of the fugitive”Hadi Government” in Riyadh Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher, two days before the fabricated accusations made by the United States envoy to the United Nations, Nicky Healy, against Iran, pointing to the involvement of Toller in weaving those accusations .

The site also revealed the negative role played by Toller, in dealing with the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and the file of negotiations between the Yemeni parties.

The United States envoy to the United Nations, Nicky Healy, claimed on Thursday that “Iran’s behavior in the Middle East is worsening and fueling conflicts in the region,” demanding “to hold Iran accountable for its action in the Security Council,”

The spokesman of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Farhan Haq, the US accusations against Iran, stressing the absence of definitive evidence to determine the source of the manufacture of these missiles, pointing at the same time that a group of experts from the international organization have already traveled to Saudi Arabia “to examine the debris of the missiles ,added that, committee of experts still studying that. “