International community’s inability to end the suffering of Yemen’s children is shameful




By:Tamer Kirolos

“It’s been 1,000 days since the Saudi Arabia and UAE-led Coalition started bombing and fighting in Yemen, and even longer since deadly violence broke out across the country. In that time, the devastation of Yemen has been unimaginably absolute.


The conduct of all warring parties, without exception, has been deplorable. We have seen civilians killed, schools and hospitals bombed, and humanitarian access severely restricted. All of this has seemingly intentionally created conditions in which children are starving and are not able to get suitable medical attention.


“In the face of all of this suffering, the international community’s inaction or inability to end the suffering of Yemen’s children is shameful. We expect 50,000 children to die this year alone, and if this war continues there will be countless more lives lost needlessly across Yemen.”


“We know what needs to happen. We need an immediate end to any restrictions that are stopping humanitarian aid and commercial supplies of fuel, food and medicine from getting in and we also urgently need a credible ceasefire and a negotiated peace deal. The UN Security Council must put its full effort into making this happen now.


“We cannot allow the war in Yemen to continue for even one more day. If those in power, or those with the influence to end this war, do not bring about a peaceful solution to the conflict they will be complicit in condemning the children of Yemen to even more death and misery.”

Tamer Kirolos, Yemen Country Director,of Save the Children ORG..