Russian Military Helped Liberate 1,024 Cities: MoD




The Russian Army has completed their pull-out from Syria after the official end to the anti-terrorist operation announced by Vladimir Putin.

The minister of Russia’s defense presented the final
data on Russia’s 27 month-long mission during a meeting of an internal military panel on Thursday.Here is a summary of that meeting.

Russian military aircraft carried out 34,000 sorties during their Syria campaign, while the Russian Navy launched at least 100 strikes against ISIS inside the country.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 60,318 ISIS militias were killed in Syria since Russia’s deployment, including 819 Daesh commanders.

Furthermore, 2,840 militants killed in Syria were Russian born.

The ministry of Defense also added that at least 718 clandestine arms factories were destroyed by the Russian military.

Overall, the Russian military helped in the liberation of 1,024 cities and settlements, while demining units cleared 17,138 buildings.

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