Education in Yemen after 1000 days of aggression





The director of the Education Office in the capital Sana’a, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Fadhli, said that the education sector in the capital Sana’a that the Saudi-American aggression inflicted great damage and heavy losses during 1000 days of the aggression against Yemen.

Al-Fadhli explained that the aggression targeted in a thousand days the infrastructure of educational facilities and educational and educational projects and schools in the capital Sanaa, which led to the damage of 244 schools out of the total number of 300 schools in Sana’a capital.

He pointed out that the damage inflicted by the aggression on schools in the capital varied in size between large and partial school to school. He pointed out that one school was completely destroyed, including 15 classrooms, while 243 schools were partially destroyed, including 5714 classrooms, Service.

He stressed that the cost of reconstruction and rehabilitation and maintenance of those affected schools, into which 349 thousand and 815 students studies, amounts up to 126 million dollars.

The Director of the Office of Education in the Secretariat of the capital, said “The damage caused by the brutal aggression of psychological and social damage in the education sector within 1000 days on the capital Sanaa more than material damage, has affected barbaric aggression on the psychological condition of teachers, students and parents and fear of their children of the risks that fall during them Their return and their presence in schools.”

He pointed out that the Ministry of Education implemented a number of rehabilitation programs with the cooperation and support of international partners and international organizations concerned with the rights and support of children to help teachers, students and students to reduce the psychological effects of aggression and to begin moving to the current academic year with positive psychological conditions through interventions. Psychological and social methods.

Al-Fadhli renewed his condemnation of the targeting of the Saudi aggression against the Yemeni people and its infrastructure, including schools, educational institutions, universities and technical institutes, without regard to the sanctity of these educational and scientific monuments. He stressed that the bombing and destruction of schools and horoscopes signified barbarism and hatred of Saudi aggression against Yemen and its steadfast people.

On the progress of the educational process in the capital, the director of the office confirmed that the current academic year is going on in its first semester successfully and naturally according to the plan and program of the Ministry of Education. In doubling the suffering of teachers and faculty members, the most important of which is salary cuts.

He said that according to the decision of the Ministry of Education, the transfer examinations for the first grades, the first and second and third basic will begin in the last week of January next, and that the exams begin the rest of the next week and end in the first third of next February.

The director of Education in Sana’a praised the steadfastness and steadfastness of the educators, teachers and teachers in the Secretariat and their responsibility to confront the aggression and their keenness to continue their educational and enlightenment role towards the students and the homeland despite their suffering and difficult circumstances.

He stressed that the office with the support of the local authority in the Secretariat is making efforts to provide the appropriate atmosphere to complete the success of the educational process for the academic year 2017 2018 schools capital despite the difficulties faced by the country and the interruption of salaries due to the continuation of aggression.

Al-Fadhli considered the success of completing the educational process for the third consecutive year in the shadow of brutal aggression and unjust siege, a victory for Yemen and its sons and embodiment of the highest degree of steadfastness and challenge against aggression and proof that the Yemeni people will not be subject and that his life continues beyond all the difficult circumstances and challenges.

The official statistics of the Ministry of Education revealed the destruction and damage to 2621 educational establishments in various governorates of the Republic and losses estimated at more than 334 million dollars.