Have AnsarAllah become Isolated?




By :Abdul Malik Al Ajri

The talk about the political isolation of Ansarullah was before Saleh’s death and continued after his death, and I believe that it was an exaggerated talk that mislead many before and after the killing of Saleh.

This illusion is based on the belief that those who win the party elites can control the public sphere and the popular movement and the belief that these elites are still decisive in conflict and in providing political and national cover for conflict.

The authors of this speech were wrong because of their focus on the elite, and their approach to the conflict in their framework evicted the rest of the people’s forces from their perspective and prevented them from seeing the larger social and political bloc, the popular bloc, and from examining the dynamics of the conflict.

In fact, most of the old Yemeni party elites have become separate from the public and do not express their interests or demands (including those that claim to represent the masses against the reactionary forces) and are no longer a decisive factor in the conflict.

Otherwise, three quarters of the party elites, if not more, that narrowed Riyadh hotels provided the Saudi regime with the political and popular cover and the decisiveness they wish for three years.

Saleh was not an exception, it was his position on the aggression that brought him back to the façade, not the other way round; so his last speech was the bullet that killed him.
The real isolation is that it separates from the national issues of your people and the simple public and the masses. The people live in real isolation, even if they win most of the party elite that is separate from the national people’s issues.

My advice to all the national figures who have proven their national position is not to listen to those who decorate them to join the aggression. Because our battle will remain patriotic, it will not change from them to join the people or people of the residents of Riyadh hotels.