Sheikh Daihi: Death Penalties in Bahrain “Sentences of Defeat”




Deputy Secretary General of Bahrain’s Al-Wefaq group Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi lashed out at the ruling regime in the country over death sentences against six citizens, describing them as “sentences of defeat”.

“Through these sentences, the regime is covering up its failures and resorting to punitive and oppressive measures against Bahraini people,” Al-Daidi said in remarks on Monday.

He denounced accusations handed against the six citizens as an “incoherent” farce that lacks reality in every detail.

“When they fail in politics they resort to judiciary,” Al-Daidi said.

Meanwhile Al-Wefaq’s Deputy S.G. stressed that such measures won’t force Bahraini people to abandon their rightful demands and halt peaceful protests.

In this context, he said the major opposition group has information that Al-Khalifa regime is going to go ahead with such fabrications, arrests, trials and death sentences against Bahrainis.

Source: Al-Wefaq association