Distribution of relief and food aid from Al Masirah and Bonian foundations on Kamran Island




In the midst of risks and sacrifice for the delivery of foodstuffs to the inhabitants of Kamran Island, AL-Masirah Social Welfare foundation in partnership with Bonian Development Charity Foundation distributed 750 food baskets and other relief items (blankets and clothes) under the slogan ”
1000 days of steadfastness “for the sons of island of Kamran – Hodeidah province

This charitable act came at a time when such humanitarian actions should be held as a result of the lack of sources of work opportunity for the people of this island due to the prevention of the aggression of fishing and the bloody crimes committed by the fishermen at sea and in support of the innocent sons of the island in the face of coalition and unjust siege.

The Projects Manager, Eng. Bassem Al-Jaramouzi, pointed out that these activities are part of several activities and projects of the foundation

The islanders thanked AL-Al Masirah foundation and Bonian Development Foundation.

The media official Hamam Ibrahim said that all traders, businessmen, financial foundations and local and international organizations should carry out such humanitarian and moral roles as they affect human life as a human being and pressure on aggression to end the immoral and inhumane siege on the people of Yemen. This is an inherent, religious, moral and legal right guaranteed by all international treaties and conventions in peace and war.