Commentary: Hypocrisy of ‘condemn Houthis’ missile ‘ campaign




When Yemen’s Army and Allies are forced to defend citizens from Saudi terrorism originating from Najd And Hijaz(now Riyadh and southern regions of KSA), we’ve come to expect outrage around the world. Critics are quick to condemn Yemen’s retaliatory ballistic actions on Saudi military targets — some with such heavy-handed charges as “war crimes,” “atrocities” and even “genocide,” or Iranian missiles, while remaining silent about the terrorists who started the conflict, and close their eyes on mass murdering of civilians on markets and houses.

It is time for moral clarity on Yemen . The facts bear repeating. Saudi Arabia intentionally started this conflict. Saudi militants signed arms deal worth about $300bn of US weapons — all to test it on Yemeni markets and schools as airports and camps were destroyed earlier 2015.

Yemen according to economists need only $5bn to be a developed country. If Saudi loaned it to build Yemen, instead it went into a sickening subterranean air campaign of designed to carry out surprise terrorist attacks across the border Yemen.

It has been said that the only real growth industries in Saudi Arabia are in buying cluster-weapons. This unconscionable waste of resources has brought about the two crowning “cultural” achievements of KSA:

Thousands of rockets raining down on Yemeni civilian towns and cities and Saudi terrorists armed to the teeth hiding in the sky, intent on murdering more Yemeni civilians sand killing Yemeni civilians. This culture of death is an essential part of Royal Family’s identity and ideology and has motivated the Saudi leaders for the about three years of killing civilians while Yemeni army and fighters still resisting.

On the news every day there is the macabre body count of how many civilians have lost their lives in Yemen, though western media and UN try to be blind on it as I these civilians are chickens ..

All deaths that come about as a result of this conflict are tragic. But who is taking steps to limit casualties? Yemen. Who is apologizing for the loss of life in Yemen ?Yemenis themselves.

KSA, on the other hand, tries at every opportunity to inflict as much pain as possible on Yemenis, trying to kill more civilians by firing rockets at large population centers, by sending suicide bombers across the border and sacrificing the lives of Sudanese and mercenaries in a war it know it won’t win and it does not want to lose a soldier in it. They make no apologies for their culture of death.

Look out at the world, there is no shortage of horrific violence and tragic death. It is all around us. Israel do nothing, just see its daughter KSA and smile of its murdering. Death by the thousands, by the tens of thousands in Yemen; human destruction in Yemen. It all stooped in Afghanistan, in Iraq. Muslims slaughtering Muslims. And US and UK are watching us.

Yemeni army dies not kill civilians in its offensives. They use cameras out there, there are few field military media reporters. But can Saudi Arabia prove that when it targets schools or markets, they are killing whom they call Houthis. Will do nothing.

Here is where moral myopia verges on moral blindness. It seems the world wakes up only when Yemenis in their own defense — defending their men, women and children — are forced to fire ballistic missiles on Riyadh or Air bases inside KSA. That’s when the world condemn.

This is the true hypocrisy of the “condemn Houthis missiles” phenomenon

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