Russia’s veto marks a political failure of US on Yemen’s file:Al-Houthi





“The adoption of the Russian veto in the Security Council is a political failure of the American-Saudi Coalition,” said Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, Head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Yemen.

“The adoption of the Russian project and the Russian veto on the British project is a political failure of the American-Saudi aggression and a new beginning to remove the American domination of the Yemeni file,” al-Houthi said on his official Twitter account, commenting on the adoption by the UN Security Council of a Russian draft resolution on Yemen.

“They were waiting for this day, but they did not win with their money but a political defeat in full view of the world,” Houthi said, describing it as ” product of the shame of their crimes against the besieged people of Yemen.”

This comes after the UN Security Council unanimously approved on Monday evening the Russian draft resolution on the renewal of the sanctions regime on Yemen until February 2019.‏