Yemen’s President Discusses Solutions to End Crisis of Gas and Oil Derivatives





The head of the Supreme Political Council president Saleh al-Sammad discussed in a meeting with the civil and security leaders the aspects related to the crisis of oil derivatives and domestic gas and changes in their prices under the current conditions.

President decided in compel, to prevent the disbursement of any amount from the oil company, but through the Ministry of Oil, saying “one must follow the oil and gas so that we can follow up and accounting of the ministries of finance, trade, industry and oil.”

“We are determined to implement this as soon as possible and to open the way for competition to allow imports to break the monopoly on oil derivatives and domestic gas,” president said.

He also confirmed the need for traders to stand with the homeland and not to exploit the difficult conditions experienced by the country to blackmail citizens hide oil derivatives and domestic gas and manipulation of prices.

He pointed out that the state and the government will not be negligent in this aspect and will take the necessary legal measures against manipulators of oil and gas.

Sources said that the streets of Sanaa ,the capital of Yemen, are witnessing queues for citizens waiting for their turn in front of the gas stations, amid the continuing shortage and rising prices because of siege and coalition attacking on Yemen which started in March 2015.