March 14, 2018 Update of the Saudi-led coalition’s fatal airstrikes during the past 24 hours “updated”




The Saudi-led coalition jets , Wednesday launched many airstrikes on a number of Yemeni provinces , causing dead and wounded , in addition to losses in munition

A child was killed at the hands of the Saudi border guard , as well as many areas was exposed to Saudi missile and artillery bombing in Sa’ada province

The Saudi -led coalition jets waged 6 airstrikes in Baqem district   and 3 airstrikes in Razih border district ,causing damage to a home and a local store

The coalition jets launched 12 airstrikes on Sana’a International Airport , leaving damage to big part of the new buliding of the airport in the capital, Sana’a

The coalition jets carried out 6 airstrikes on the tenth bridge camp in Bajel , and two on the line which links between Zabaid and Tahaita districts, Hodaidah

The coalition jets launched 6 airstrikes on AL-Baida province

اعلان الزكاة