Yemen launches a ballastic missile that delays the first nuclear reactor in UAE until 2019




The first nuclear reactor in the United Arab Emirates, due to open last year, was postponed until 2019, a source told Reuters.


The source claimed that the delay was due to training problems.


The statement came about four months after the Yemeni missile force announced it had targeted the reactor with a cruise missile, which was denied by the UAE.


The missile force announced ,in last December ,the launch of a cruise missile type “cruise” on the nuclear reactor in Abu Dhabi and Barakah station that worths $ 24.4 billion , which is the world’s largest nuclear power plant under construction and will be the first in the Arab world.


“The schedule was not met and the time available is tight,” . “People were told it would be in 2019.”one source said.


The first reactor ,of four reactors, was completed by the Korean electric power company (KEPCO) last year , whereas it was due to begin operation.

اعلان الزكاة