Saudi-led coalition causes the worst humanitarian disasters , increases poverty and famine in Yemen: report says







The siege imposed on Yemen by the forces of the so-called alliance led by the rulers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and USA is a crime than the killing of civilians., Additionally ,tightening the siege escalates the humanitarian, economic and health crises in Yemen.

Due to the land, sea and air blockade imposed by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on Yemen, poverty and hunger threaten Yemen with wholesale killing and destroy the lives of more than 19 million citizens.

The siege and war have also resulted in a severe shortage of foodstuffs and medicines in light of the silence of international organizations.

Additionally , the closure of ports and airports because of the imposition of the blockade on Yemen caused the worst humanitarian disasters and led to increasing poverty and famine.

Everywhere Yemenis look for food, the famine today does not threaten the lives of 19 million Yemenis, but it kills their lives, above all it caused the death of a child every ten minutes because of the acute shortage of food in the largest humanitarian disaster in the country, and increased the humanitarian crisis escalated by the war and siege.

And because the aim of the military attacks launched by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which is supported by the United States and U.K in addition to terrorist operations deepens the chaos in the areas under control of the coalition ,so that the terrorist “Daesh” group must declare responsibility for carrying out the tasks entrusted to it by the Saudi ,UAE forces.

Far from the fact that the bombing in Aden reflects the fragility of the security situation where the rulers of the Al Saud and Al Zayed claimed that they work day and night to stabilize security and stability there, but the result felt by the people of the southern provinces every day are that the blood bath is increasing and that supporting fierce clashes between the factions is not to back one party against another as much as it aims to create chaos ,so that the community must accept any solutions provided by the coalition as a wayto get rid of this tragedy.

The head of the European mission to Yemen, Antonia Calvo Piorta, who is currently visiting Sana’a, stressed that the tragic war on Yemen must stop, stressing that her visit comes as part of the EU efforts to reach out to all parties to engage in talks to find a permenant political settlement.

For his part, the new UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith, in his first press statement since taking office earlier this month that the war on Yemen led to one of the most serious humanitarian crises in recent history, adding that civilians bear the greatest burden, which forced them to be victims of violations to human rights .

For its part, «Human Rights» called for US President ,Donald Trump, to justify its attitude on the sale of weapons to the Kingdom of AL Saud, pointing out that Riyadh is using those weapons illegally, which exposes the US officials to the risk of assistance and incitement to war crimes, adding that «the Saudi coalition implemented with the support of Washington, continued bombardment of Yemen by air raids which killed and wounded thousands of civilians in violation of the laws of war .. And they must be investigated for what they did ».

Kiristain Birkal , a researcher in the organization, pointed out that the US Congress has not been silent about the escalating Saudi fatal airstrikes in Yemen, whereas nearly half of the Senate voted to ban arms sales to Saudi Arabia in this month, last year. Furthermore, two separate issues raised concerns about US involvement in the war.

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