UAE forces hold thousands of containers of traders in southern Yemen, Aden port




Southern merchants and importers across the port of Aden have called on UAE leaders who control the port of Aden to allow the passage of their containers that have been suspended for months at the container port.

Traders and importers said in a press ,released on Wednesday ,that their containers had been detained in Jeddah, Dubai and Djibouti and that they were carrying a variety of items that were not banned or banned for a long time.

The statement pointed out that the reason for the suspension of the containers is the refusal of the office of the Ministry of Transport located in Riyadh and the exploitation of directives issued by the «coalition» to prevent the import of a particular type of cars.

The Saudi-led coalition issued a circular, late last year, which banned the importation of a number of trade items through the port of Aden.
A source at the port of Aden said that the coalition’s leadership in the city “Emirates” banned to enter any imported imports through the port.

The source said that the Arab alliance circulated a ban on the importation of cars ,spare parts ,the solar system of panels and batteries through the port of Aden.

The source added that the leadership of the Arab Alliance notified the management of the port, which in turn notified the traders of this circular, and seized thousands of containers which contained goods belonging to traders and prevented their entry into the country on the pretext of preventing the entry of products that may be used in the manufacture of missiles.

Traders and importers have expressed discontent to the decision, which is worsening Yemeni suffering, causing economic and livelihood crises, and leading to the bankruptcy of dozens of traders, stressing that this decision will reduce the value of the commercial port and will cause large losses due to customs amounts paid by importers..