In pictures : big losses amid the Saudi-led coalition in Nehm front




The military media ,Thursday ,distributed new scenes of the large-scale military operation carried out by the Yemeni joint forces in Nehm front, during which they managed to control several military positions and fortifications after they were completely cleared it of the paid fighters in response to the Saudi-led coalition’s fatal air strikes that claimed the lives of about 14,000 people,mostly civilians.

The scenes broadcast by Al-Masirah satellite channel, shortly before, when the Yemeni joint forces carried out an offensive operation on the fortifications and sites of the paid fighters in the Al-Bayyad mountain range in Nehm district, ended with full control of Tuba Ayyash.

The scenes showed the bodies of a number of the paid fighters who were killed during the operation, as well as large quantities of weapons and various munitions left by them in their positions during the operation.
It should be noted that the Yemeni joint forces regain full control of the Yam strategic chain in a ruthless front, after clearing all the military positions controlled by them during the past year, with large-scale military operations that killed at least 100 ones, including military leaders ,most notably the commander of the so-called “peacekeeping” brigade.


اعلان الزكاة