Yemen Denounces President Emmanuel Macron for Selling Saudi Arms


Yemen people have denounced President Emmanuel Macron for selling Saudi Arabia arms which is engaged in a deadly war against its country

Yemen called on Paris to stop the provision of arms and instead impose pressure on Saudis to stop the carnage which has left more than 14,000 people, mostly civilians, killed since the war started in March 2015

President Emmanuel Macron has defended France’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia which is engaged in a deadly war against its neighbor Yemen

France is the world’s third biggest arms exporter and counts Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates among its biggest purchasers

Rights groups have reported that most of these weapons have been used in Saudi Arabia’s more than three years of war on Yemen

. As part of the increasing arms sale, Riyadh has been procured with French tanks, armored vehicles, munitions and artillery and navy ships over the past years