A scandal in the series of arrest and torture of women Southern journalist calls for the disclosure of the fate of the activist Ansam Abdul Samad ,hidden for 8 months ago




Even women are not excluded from detention, enforced disappearance, physical and sexual torture in the southern provinces under the Saudi-led coalition , UAE.

The southern activist ,Ansam Abdulsamad ,is one of dozens of women who were kidnapped in Aden.

Southern journalist Saleh al-Hanashi said that the arrest of the southern activist ,Ansam Abdulsamad ,and her disappearance for more than eight months haven’t happened even in the most difficult phases of the Socialist Phase.

Al-Hanashi published on his “Facebook” page: “Ansam Abdulsamad is the forgotten file”

I am not talking about her because she is active, but she is a human being, who has been kidnapped from her home for more than eight months and is still hidden.

The southern journalist, who works for the Saudi-led coalition forces, said that her family had no knowledge of her or even her place so far.

In evidence that women are subjected to physical and sexual torture, the southern journalist revealed that the hidden activist, despite she is a “woman”, it is even allowed to visit her .

“Whatever she was accused of, whatever the crime she committed.” It is not unreasonable to be treated with such cruelty and brutality

If there was even a death sentence ,we would not defend her, you can put her in prison ,let her family visit her ,and then put her on trial, he stated.

It is worth mentioning that Ansam AbdulSamad was working for the criminal investigation in the Women’s Prison section of Aden city. While carrying out her duty , and after she had revealed an attempt to smuggle women, accused of terrorism, belonging to influential groups in the city of Aden by issuing a letter to the authorities of Hadi, an armed group of Aden authorities stormed her house and arrested her in front of her family.