After being happy over the control of his forces over Socotra, a senior Emirati official threatens to withdraw from Yemen




An Emirati official has threatened to withdraw his country from the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen and return its troops to the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Abdullah Khaleq Abdullah said his country would decide to return its troops to the UAE if the dispute with the government of Hadi, the fugitive Yemeni president,  continued

He also accused Hadi’s government of incompetence and corruption , adding that it was infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and maded the UAE with unuseful battles.

“If this government continues to fabricate battles, the UAE must assess its role and return its soldiers to the homeland safely, whereas they have done their national duty and more, he added.

The same official had accepted the control of his country forces over the airport and the port of Socotra by saying that Socotra’s issue was achieved long time ago , but the Yemenis wake up late.