The first comment by Sheikh Naji Jamaan after “news” emerges his arrival at Abu Dhabi




The sheikh of the tribe of Bani Harith, Naji Mohammed Juman al-Jadri ,denied what has been spread  through some biased media and social media networks of false and unfounded news.

The statement stressed the principled, firm and steadfast position like the Atan, Nukam ,
and Aiban mountains ,big mountains in Yemen,  of tribes of Sheikh Naji Juman al-Jadri and all the sheikhs and heads of the tribe of Bani Harith who are steadfast with all their social and political components in standing by the nation in various national stages .

He said: “These fallacies aim to divide the society ,stir confusion and distortion and create strife and tendencies and sectarian factions and irritation to destabilize confidence and push towards dismantling the cohesion and interdependence of the home front which represented by the National Alliance led by the leader of the revolution Mr. Abdul Malik al-Houthi between Ansar Allah and the General People’s Congress in the Supreme Political Council.”