Tariq Afash forces say they are infiltrating and betraying on the coastal front




A military commander of the paid fighters of the US-Saudi-led coalition revealed the betrayal of the forces of the so-called “guards of the Republic” of Tariq Afash in the West Coast Front.

Brigadier Brigadier General Jamil al-Ma’amari said in a statement to Al-Hadath television channel that the reasons for the failure of coalition forces and paid fighters on the West Coast Front are that there are breakthroughs by the Yemeni army  in a number of areas of the West Coast.

Al-Ma’amari, one of the military leaders of Tariq Afash, who is loyal to the UAE, said that there is treachery taking place, which is the depiction of the military frames and the areas that are stationed and sent to the Yemeni army . He pointed out that these penetrations greatly affected what he described as liberating Hodeidah “

The southern media accused the forces of the so-called “guards of the Republic” of “Tariq Afash “of  treachery and theft of victories in the West Coast Front achieved by the so-called “brigades of the southern giants,” after the elimination of a whole battalion of the paid fighters of the south, In a qualitative operation of the Yemeni army in Al-Fayza area south of Hodeidah.

It should be noted that the forces of coalition suffered heavy losses of lives and equipment during the recent military operations of the West Coast Front.