Did the Saudis Really Use Daesh to fight in Yemen?




A reliable southern security source has disclosed exclusive and dangerous details about the actual commander of UAE paid fighters in # the West Coast Front , which are being reported for the first time.

The source said that the actual commander of the UAE paid fighters in # the Western Coast of Yemen is the leader , belong to # Daesh ,called Issam Boudani, the commander of the so-called Daeshi Islam Army , which was fighting in Syria.

The source said that the UAE state agreed with
Boudani to bring about 1000 from # Daesh from the so-called Army of Islam to fight in Yemen and paid them more than 30 million dollars, while #the West Coast battle was fully under the leadership of him, including the so-called brigades of southern giants fighting in the ranks of the forces of US-Saudi-led coalition.

According to the source, the so-called Abdulrahman Abu Zraa Mahrami is one of the aides of him but not the real leader of the battle.