Security Media Showed a Video of the Largest Terrorist Cell Followed the Coalition




Security media center showed a video of the largest terrorist cell followed the Saudi-led coalition forces led by “Ammar Afash” in Hodeidah province and exposed their plans in the western coast battles.

The prisoner “Ali Al-Azani” said: “I was a member of “Anwar Amiri” committee in Aden and then I showed up with the displaced people in Hodeidah with many leaders, including” Ayman Hajar “with seven of his men,” and Adnan al-Zukri “.

“Adnan Hajar’s group leader in Hodeidah is the head of the assassination squad, while “Adnan al-Zukri” was the head of the assassination squads in Sana’a and Taiz, the prisoner added.

We met together with many people and we planned to assassin some leaders of ISLAH party and others from Ansarallah leaders of, and every recruiter has a special mission and all these groups under the leadership of Ammar Afash.


اعلان الزكاة