What happened to the southern journalist after a year of forced disappearance in UAE secret prisons




The UAE forces , today, released the kidnapped southern activist, Ansam Abdul-Samad, after a year of the forced disappearance in one of their secret prisons in the city of Aden.

The US Associated Press revealed, in a press report last month, about secret prisons run by UAE officers in Yemen, which amount to more than 18 detainees and secret prisons throughout the southern provinces, where hundreds of detainees are being held and tortured.

Amnesty International on Thursday accused UAE forces of torturing detainees through a network of secret prisons in Yemen’s southern provinces, calling for an investigation into these violations as war crimes.

Three years ago, the UAE forces entered the city of Aden , southern Yemen, under the pretext of restoring legitimacy and liberating Aden. Since 14 July 2015 until today, Aden has become an Emirati settlement run by Abu Dhabi and controlled militarily by Emirati officers.The UAE acquires the security file in the city of Aden and controls the city for three years , exercising its full powers indirectly through its loyal figures and forces belonging to it, which worked to establish and provide them with arms .During the three years of the UAE’s control of Aden, services deteriorated and the phenomenon of looting and armed robbery of banks, , land and citizens’ properties , assassinations and raids of homes , kidnappings from the streets and the enforced disappearance of civilians increased.Three years after the entering of the UAE the city of Aden under the pretext of fighting the so-called Houthis” Ansarallah” , part of the Yemeni army forces, has been and continues to be tragic events until today, the UAE took control of the port of Aden , controlled the route of navigation in the port and disrupted the port of oil to a military port of its own, and imposed a thorough inspection of ships arriving at the port. In addition, it established a number of secret  prisons .

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