“Hebrew”Newspaper : Houthi fighters overthrew the prestige of Saudi Arabia




Haaretz newspaper published an article entitled “Houthi fighters overthrew the Saudi prestige,” during which it reported that the media management of the battle in Yemen, referring to the role of Al-Masirah channel in this confrontation.

“There is no place for the story of defeat on the site of Al-Masirah, the main media outlet of the Huthi rebels in Yemen.” Where the article pointed to reports in the channel talking about the military and field achievements of the army fighters and the People’s Committees, considering that the channel boast that the media fighter or the media that aims to raise the morale of fighters, according to the Hebrew newspaper.

The newspaper said that the question that worries Riyadh today is how to get out of the war in Yemen after promising to end it quickly when it started in 2015 without considering this as “a victory for Iran,” especially after Saudi Arabia confirmed that the war will be short and fast, despite being backed by the best American weaponary as well as intelligence support from the United States ,and that American experts trained Saudi pilots and others ,and after Saudi Arabia paid about $ 5 billion a month for the paid fighters to fight in Yemen.