Thousands of Yemenis Express Outrage After Saudi School Bus Crime: Pictures




Several events were held on Sunday, where many other people attended in the capital Sana’a and a number of provinces. All of the events expressed their condemnation regarding the recent crime of the Saudi-led coalition against a school bus carrying children in Dahyan in Saada, northern Yemen.

Yemen’s Capital and Other Governorates Condemn the Saudi-Led Coalition Crimes Against Yemenis (August.13.2018)

In the capital Sana’a, students affiliated with different schools in the capital Sana’a protested to condemn the crime of the US-backed coalition against the children of Saada as well as all the previous crimes against children in Yemen.

The students participating in the event lifted signs and slogans denouncing the massacre of the coalition that targeted a school bus in a busy market within the city of Dahyan, Saada, which killed dozens and wounded many others, most of them were children under the age of 15.

The summer camps students in the capital Sana’a condemned the ongoing crimes of the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen’s children, women and elderly in a war of genocide waged by the US and its allies in the region against the Yemeni people for more than 3 and a half years under international silence.

A statement issued by the protest revealed that the Saudi war crimes will not discourage students from continuing education.

The staff, directors and teachers of the Education Office in a certain district within the capital met with a number of the students within the district to begin a demonstration in the school of Socotra, in order to denounce the crime, stressing in a statement that these brutal crimes will only strengthen Yemenis’ rigidness and determination to confront the Saudi forces and its paid-militias.

Yemen’s Capital and Other Governorates Condemn the Saudi-Led Coalition Crimes Against Yemenis (August.13.2018)

On Sunday, academics, administrators, and students of the University of Dhamar staged a protest against the crimes of the Saudi-led coalition and the targeting of the Yemeni people, the most recent of which was the war crime against students in the governorate of Saada.

During the event, which was attended by the President of the University of Dhamar, Dr. Taleb al- Nahari, in which signs were raised to reject and denounce all crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition that deliberately target Yemeni civilians despite all international laws.

In addition, the cultural women’s committee of Ansarullah conducted in the village of al-Washil in Anas district and the village of al-Malah in al-Hada’a district, Dhamar governorate, a demonstration to condemn the US-backed crime committed against the children of Dahyan city, which killed 51 and injured 79 others, mostly children.

Meanwhile, the children of the district of Mezhar within Rima province organized a protest to condemn the crimes of coalition, stressing that these crimes will not go unpunished and that the perpetrators will be held accountable, calling all the tribes of Rima to head to the fronts and retaliate for all the war crimes against innocent civilians.

Yemen’s Capital and Other Governorates Condemn the Saudi-Led Coalition Crimes Against Yemenis (August.13.2018)

Going back to the war crime, the bomb that targeted the students’ bus is American-made of the type Mk82, the same type that targeted the funeral procession at al Kobra Hall in the capital Sana’a, leaving hundreds killed or injured.

The bomb is directed at the target using a laser, which indicates that the Saudi-led coalition was following the movement of the bus since the beginning until it stopped at the market. Then the US-backed warplanes identified and deliberately bombarded the school bus. In fact, this was recognized by the coalition spokesman when he said that the targeting came after careful monitoring and a close follow-up.

Due to the intensity of the explosion, the position of the bus switched and as the driver was facing the wanted destination, it was facing the other way around after the attack.

The children who were sitting where the bomb fell are the ones missing for nothing of their bodies is left. Those who were at the front to the middle of the bus had their bodies torn into pieces. Children sitting at the back of the bus are the ones who are currently suffering from various injuries.

Saudi-led coalition targets a school bus in Yemen’s Saada, leaving at least 51 killed and 79 injured.

The remains of children reached the roofs of neighboring houses and even further behind them. Moreover, the bus was targeted a few minutes after the driver went to buy the children’s needs for breakfast, water, etc. However, he and the owner of the cafeteria sustained injuries for the shrapnel reached their bodies despite the distance.

One of the shop owners said, “I heard the explosion and went directly to see what was taking place, and as I was leaving my shop, I felt the air pressure as flames pushing me into the middle of the shop.”

The crime occurred one day after the US State Department said it feared Ansarullah (Houthis) and confirmed Saudi Arabia’s right to eliminate those it described as “bad players”.

On Monday morning, hundreds of thousands of citizens from Sana’a governorate, Sana’a and several other governorates participated in the funeral procession for the innocent victims. They carried flags of the Republic of Yemen, photos of martyrs, banners of freedom and signs demanding the boycott of US and Israeli goods.

Funeral Procession in Saada Governorate on Monday (August 13) for the killed children in a Saudi war crime against a school bus.

Some of the mourners were the head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, a number of ministers, members of the House of Representatives, military and security leaders, government officials and social figures.

The ceremony began with a mass rally in which participants chanted slogans condemning the crime and calling for revenge.
The crowds participated in the funeral at the main street, the largest street in the city of Saada.

After the funeral prayer, the head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee delivered a speech in which he stressed that America is killing the Yemeni people for it is a strategic ally of Saudi Arabia that is attacking Yemen.

He affirmed that the crime of targeting Dahyan’s children has been perpetrated by the United States and its allies, pointing to the statement of the US State Department that said that it is the Kingdom’s right to eliminate all opponents.

Funeral Procession in Saada Governorate on Monday (August 13) for the killed children in a Saudi war crime against a school bus.

He pointed out that it was not for Saudi Arabia and American officers in the command rooms to commit this massacre if the order was not issued by the US State Department.

He added that the heinous massacre of children in Yemen is just another version of the crimes committed by the Americans in Japan and other countries.

He stated, “they committed this crime against children in Yemen after decades of the massacre of Japan, stressing that the children of the martyrs exposed the aggressors.”

The Supreme Leader blamed America for the school bus crime as well as all the other humanitarian violations against the Yemeni people, which is amounted to hundreds, stressing that this crime confirms that the forces of the Saudi-led coalition do not respect the laws and displays them as terrorist criminals.

After the speech of the head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, about 50 vehicles transferred the victims to their hometown of Dahyan to be buried, the city where the planes of the US-backed coalition committed the crime.

Funeral Procession in Saada Governorate on Monday (August 13) for the killed children in a Saudi war crime against a school bus.

A number of international news agencies and television channels participated in the ceremony, while a number of local and international television channels had a live broadcast of the event.

The Saudi-led coalition committed the horrific crime of targeting a bus carrying children at the end of their summer camp session in Dahyan on Thursday (August 9th), killing 51 people, including 40 children, and 79 wounded, including 56 children.





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