Constant Campaign of Rape Involving Women ,Children under Ten in UAE-Controlled Yemeni Province




By: Yousra Abdulmalik

The number of crimes of rape and kidnapping of women and children ,under the age of ten,  increased in the city of Aden , under the control of UAE, main part of the U.S backed -Saudi-led coalition ,and which were carried out by mostly unknown gunmen in light of the security chaos experienced by the cities under the control of the UAE forces.

On Tuesday, the city of Aden witnessed a horrific rape crime of a 10-year-old girl by a security man ,belonging to the UAE-backed security forces, which controls the city.

According to an eyewitness in a telephone interview with “Yemen Extra” ,a security man, working at Mualla police station , kidnapped a 10- year -old girl in front of her house in the neighborhood of Hafun ,Sheikh Othman city, and took her to his home in the same neighborhood,where he raped her brutality.

Last Monday, armed elements in Khor Muksar district kidnapped and raped a displaced child from the province of Hodeidah, which is in a state of widespread displacement due to the military attacks launched by the coalition since last April.

According to local sources, the child was found in a residential neighborhood in the city of Khor Maksar, after being severely beaten by the abductors.

On the same day, armed men in uniform kidnapped a 16-year-old girl, named ‘Athar Ali Saeed’ ,from her home in Khor Maksar district ,Aden.

The girl’s father said in a telephone conversation with the editor of “Yemen Extra” that the car stopped in front of the girl, and a person ,in military uniform,and carrying a Kalashnikov, got out and forced the girl to get into the car, which then moved to an unknown destination.

He added that a number of citizens gathered when they heard the scream of the girl during the abduction, but they did nothing after being threatened by the gunmen .

The kidnapping of the girl came a few days after “unknown” gunmen kidnapped a young woman, “Fatima Shakib,” 26 years, while she was on her way to a market in the neighborhood of Abu Idarous in the Directorate of Crater, and took her to an unknown destination .

According to witnesses, the incident took place in front of a number of citizens who also did nothing amid a frightening escalation of the crimes of abduction and rape of women in the provinces, under the control of the coalition.

“Unknown” gunmen kidnapped a Yemeni woman, “Fatima Shakib,” 26 years, in Aden city, under the control of UAE, main part of the U.S backed -Saudi-led coalition in August, 2018

This comes two days after a woman was found on the road leading to Aden in a horrible condition and with signs of torture. She was taken to the hospital for treatment after being abducted from Lahj province two weeks ago.

A 17-year-old girl, Manar Ibrahim Ahmed Ghanem, was kidnapped by unknown assailants in Block 12, Mansoura Directorate, on last July 12, whereas her fate is still unknown.

In a new incident that reveals the seriousness of the situation in the city of Aden, as a result of the increasing of crimes of rape and kidnappings, police found  the body of a newborn child dumped in garbage near the wall of the graveyard of David east of the Directorate of Darsaad in Aden.

The director of the police station of Darsad , Colonel, Adnan Ali bin Ali: They found , Wednesday, the body of a newborn child in the region, pointing out that the investigation is underway to find out the identity of the perpetrator and the reasons of the crime.

Colonel Adnan Ali said that the child is a victim of the rape of girls in Aden, where the signs on the child indicate that he is newborn and someone threw him in the garbage for several reasons, the most important of which is that the mother of the child wanted’t  to hide what happened to her, whereas dozens of girls in Aden province were raped after being kidnapped and disappeared for days.

A newborn child found in garbage in Aden province, under the control of UAE, main part of the U.S backed-Saudi-led coalition in August, 2018

The southern areas controlled by the coalition forces are witnessing chaos, insecurity and the spread of the Takfiri groups with expansion of their activity. Besides the increasing of assassinations, bombings and clashes between militants fighting for influence among them.