How do Yemeni Army Forces Respond to their Enemy’s Crimes ?




The U.S backed Saudi-led coalition campaign on Yemen has ,for long ,failed to advance in the fields of war, and their intensive efforts in recent months to hide the current losses through controlling the strategic port of Hodeidah have been faced with the resistance of the Yemenis., while the achievements of Yemeni army forces in Yemen on the battlefield spread , indicating the weakness of the coalition and the increase of the Yemeni military power.

In the same context, the news of the Yemeni army’s missile attack at Dubai airport in the UAE has spread rapidly in the regional and international media. Although last week witnessed news of the field achievements by the Yemeni forces in Yemen, as the success of the army sniper unit in targeting a large number of Saudi forces and their paid fighters and carrying out attacks against the sites of coalition on the West Coast, but the attack on Dubai airport is very important in many ways.

Warning message to prevent terrorist attacks

Over the past few weeks and as a result of the losses suffered by the coalition forces and its paid fighters at the hands of the Yemeni forces , the world witnessed inhumane, repulsive and desperate attacks by coalition aircraft ,targeting Yemeni civilians, especially children. At least 70 women and children were killed in two stages. On August 9, a school bus was targeted at the port of Hodeidah, killing at least 60 people. Another attack, last Thursday ,on a car carrying children and women in the Durahmi area, 20 km south of Hodeidah port, killed 26 children and 4 women brutally, these attacks are similar to genocide – because with the detection of the development of the rockets used in these attacks, it is impossible that the attacks were wrong – and with the continued silence and inaction of western governments and the international community to stop Saudi and UAE attacks, it does not seem possible to end them by The Security Council, which had refused to accept independent investigations. Thus, by understanding these conditions, Yemenis believe that punishing their enemy , using missile attacks on Saudi and UAE is the best and most effective option to prevent them from repeating the crimes against civilians, so the attack on Dubai in terms of sensitivity and strategy for the UAE, as well as the attack on Riyadh and Jeddah, and Aramco’s oil facilities in recent months, must be considered in the same context.


Costs paid by their enemy do not compensate

The Yemen war, which has taken an exhaustive path for the coalition for more than three years and without reaching their primary goals, is bringing more and more pressure on the Saudi and Emirati economies every day. In the most optimistic case, experts believe that the cost of the war is $ 200 million. Every day for Saudi Arabia, this figure reaches 72 billion dollars in the past three years and reached 216 billion dollars over the past three years. This forced Saudi Arabia to borrow from foreign banks for the first time since recent decades, increase prices, and even impose taxes on Revenue from Foreigner employees, estimated to be at least 8 million, which also the same to the UAE as well. The country’s VAT laws have been agreed in the country since the beginning of the new year, and this has also been imposed on the emirate of Dubai, which is famous for its special work rules , in addition to exemption taxes from of business activities .

Therefore, one of the most important goals of Yemen to attack Dubai airport is to hit the economic artery of the UAE, a goal that was fully achieved through this attack, as the economy of Dubai is a glass economy, depends on tourism, hotels, construction and real estate and the concentration of global financial centers, whereas this economy has a high degree of entanglement with the issue of maintaining security (more than industrial and productive economies). Therefore, the attack on Dubai airport was the result of full awareness of this vulnerability, and to hit the cornerstone to maintain the economy of the UAE. This attack completely destroyed the thick security fence that the Emiratis claim to keep the capital in Dubai during the war on Yemen. Over time, we will see the bussinessmen leaving Dubai , while severe damage reached its economy.

In this regard, the attack on Saudi Aramco Oil Company could be exactly the same for the Saudis.The assisstant of the spokesman of the Yemeni army, Colonel, Aziz Rashid said that the attack on Dubai International Airport was another warning after the attack on the company, Saudi Aramco, as Aramco is the economic heart of Saudi Arabia,and is now a target of the missiles of the Yemeni army forces.

Yemeni exercise to review their capabilities

In another view, the attack on Dubai airport after last month’s attacks on Abu Dhabi and the Saudi oil tankers in the Bab al-Mandab Strait, all strategic targets, is now transformed and under Yemeni missile progress to Yemen’s power vis-a-vis Saudi and heavily armed Saudi armies. In fact, by carrying out these attacks, Yemenis have demonstrated their willingness not only to resist their enemy but also to challenge the credibility and prestige of the Saudi and UAE military forces in the region and the world, among the highest global military expenditures. Access to the Saudi and UAE depth through Yemen’s progress in the manufacture of long-range unmanned aircraft capable of carrying out missile attacks such as the “Smad 3”, together with the development of missile and defense capabilities, which will reduce the air superiority of the coalition, However, Yemenis can prevent the coalition from accepting the risk of continuing the war.

اعلان الزكاة