Tension is constant between the U.S backed-Saudi-led coalition, Yemeni army forces in the West Coast




The missile force of the Yemeni army forces targeted the coalition’s paid fighters; gatherings in the West Coast with a short-range ballistic missile.

A source in the missile force confirmed that the missile hit its target accurately.

A number of the paid fighters of the coalition ,on Sunday ,were killed and others were wounded in an offensive operation by the Yemeni army forces in the same front.

A military source told YemenExtra that they waged an attack on sites of the coalition’s paid fighters in Ad-Durayhimi of West Coast, causing them heavy casualties.

In addition, the Engineering Unit destroyed 3 military trucks of the coalition in Durahmi in the West Coast with explosive devices.

The source added that they earlier carried out an attack on the coalition’s sites, east of al-Tahita on the west coast, destroying two military trucks, during a special operation.

In a seperate context, the General Authority for Fish Resources, on Saturday, announced that the victims of the fishermen by the coalition reached 442, stressing that the material losses of the fishing sector in the West Coast due to the direct campaign exceeded 5 billion dollars.

It is worth mentioning that the missile force launches short-range ballistic missiles targeting the coalition’s gatherings along the West coast frontline repeatedly.

اعلان الزكاة