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UAE-controlled Yemeni provinces see constant tension

YemenExtra Y.A The UAE forces started on Tuesday to establish a new military base on one of the important strategic areas overlooking the coast of the Arabic sea in Abyan province, local sources told YemenExtra. The UAE sent a…

Constant demonstrations against the coalition in Taiz

YemenExtra Y.A For the third day in a row, popular demonstrations continue in the Yemeni province of Taiz to protest the continued deterioration of the economic situation, amid a comprehensive strike of shops and civil disobedience to…

Violent clashes constant in Taiz

YemenExtra Y.A A military commander loyal to the Yemeni fugitive former president ,Hadi, on Thursday lost his life due to clashes that erupated  in the rural areas of Taiz province, a local official said. Gunmen headed by Hamdi Al-Sawai…