UAE-controlled Yemeni provinces see constant tension




The UAE forces started on Tuesday to establish a new military base on one of the important strategic areas overlooking the coast of the Arabic sea in Abyan province, local sources told YemenExtra.

The UAE sent a military committee to Ahuar district to carry out field survey and planning, the sources said.

Unknown gunmen killed a citizen in Aden southern port city , run by UAE, while he was driving his car.The citizen was killed in Shaikh Ottman area.

Armed clashes erupted between the so-called al-Mahadar brigade’s forces and the UAE-backed paid fighters in the same city, whereas clashes broke out at the Cairo roundabout and extended to the police of Sheikh Ottman , caused state of terror and panic among the citizens as a result of the security chaos in the city of Aden.


اعلان الزكاة