Coalition Trying in Vain to Force Yemeni People to Surrender: Muhammad al-Bukhiti




A member of the political council of Ansar Allah, Muhammad al-Bukhiti, said that the Yemeni army adopted the tactic of ambushes to lure the forces of coalition in Kilo 16 east of Hodeidah province.

Al-Bukhiti added that “the forces of coalition are targeting civilians to force Yemeni people to surrender,” pointing out that the coalition countries deliberately thwarted the mission of the UN envoy because it is not like his predecessor Ould Sheikh.

The coalition aircraft launched on Friday afternoon several raids targeted the area of Kilo 16 in Hali district of Hodeidah, killing eight civilians as an initial toll, as well as other raids hit citizens in several areas of the same province.

اعلان الزكاة