Leaked pictures: what forces the collapse of Yemeni riyal in Aden

Informed sources confirmed on Wednesday the arrival of 10 new containers loaded with 24 billion and 120 million Yemeni riyals of the new edition the 200 riyals, coming from the port to the province of Aden,run by UAE, which foreshadows a new collapse of the Yemeni riyal against foreign currencies in a dangerous move foreshadowing an economic disaster exacerbated by the tragic situation of the Yemeni people.
The source added that the total of the printed currencices by the government of the former fugitive Yemeni president Hadi since the transfering the Central Bank to Aden reached of (2) trillion (2000 billion) in multiple categories (100. 200. 500. 1000), indicating that this total is twice as much was printed and traded before the coalition in early 2015.
It said that the process of printing billions of printed currencies will lead to further deterioration of the riyal and increase (the supply of riyal), which will result in a complex economic process ending with inflation and rising prices of basic materials.

According to economists, this absurdity by the government of Hadi can only be a “deliberate economic war” against the Yemeni citizen who suffers from the collapse of the national currency and the suspension of salaries of state employees since transfering the Central Bank of Yemen to Aden in September 2016.

Since the beginning of this month, the Yemeni riyal has witnessed an unprecedented collapse against foreign currency exchange rates after the government of Hadi brought down about one trillion riyals of the new printed currencies ,some, loyal to the coalition,used these new ones to withdraw foreign currencies from the local markets, which resulted in increase in prices of foodstuffs and essential goods, and greatly exacerbated the suffering of Yemenis in light of the continuation of the siege and foreign campaigbled by coalition for the fourth year in a row.
اعلان الزكاة