Southern, northern Yemen are differnt faces of the same country




Separatists in southern Yemen, backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have called for an uprising in the restive port city of Aden and other southern provinces, run by officials of the country’s former Saudi-allied government.

They on Thursday took to the street to participate in a demonstration called for by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council to overthrow the exiled Hadi’s government.

The demonstrators called for bringing down the government and putting an end to the economic crisis, which exhausted the country and the people alike as a result of the decline of riyal rate against foreign currencies.

They want to revive the former South Yemen republic which merged with the north in 1990.The port city of Aden, Yemen’s second largest city, used to be the capital of the once independent South Yemen.

Two children were , earlier, killed when an artillery shell exploded in the Sheikh Osman district of the same province.

The children found a shell of armored vehicle in the street and started playing with it, and when they threw it on a wall, it exploded and led to the killing of them.

A violent explosion also took place in Enma but no reports of losses.

Notably, the Ministry of Public Health and population strongly condemned the attack on the residence of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) by the coalition air forces in the southern province of Dhalea.

In a statement obtained by YemenExtra ,it said that such acts which led to the suspension of the activities of the organization and tens of thousands of patients will be deprived from health service and care especially under these difficult economic and health conditions.

The United Arab Emirates has reportedly , for its part, been recruiting tribesmen from northern and central parts of Africa to fight in the war.

On the other side, the official of Public Work kicked off on Thursday in the district of Sabeen in the capital Sana’a a , under the control of Ansarallah movement control, campaign to organize the local markets and remove the randomly construction works from the streets and the sidewalks and the collected dusts in the streets.

Over 40 companies and money exchange shops were , notably ,seized on Wednesday due to their manipulating of exchange rates in Sana’a.

He said that local authorities in Sana’a launched a large-scale campaign against companies and exchange shops which manipulate exchange rates and use the banned currency, printed by Hadi’s, the fugitive former Yemeni president, government, loyal to the US-backed Saudi-led coalition, which harm the Yemeni economey.

The southern areas controlled by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition forces are witnessing chaos, insecurity and the spread of the Takfiri groups with expansion of their activity. Besides the increasing of assassinations, bombings and clashes between militants fighting for influence among them.

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