French newspaper: the coalition responsible for deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen




The French newspaper Le Monde confirmed in a new report that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are largely responsible for the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen.

In its report, the French newspaper highlighted Saudi Arabia’s efforts which prevented all discussions that could talk about the war, it is waging in Yemen.

The newspaper said that, relying on Washington’s support and “secret blackmail” operations, Saudi Arabia ensured the continued supply of weapons by its European allies. On August 9, a bomb targeted a bus carrying children on their way back from a summer camp in Saada governorate North of Yemen. This incident killed 51 people and injured 79, according to figures provided by the rescuers. The images of the surviving children, whose bodies were covered with blood, evoked a worldwide wave of condemnation.

It should be noted that the bombing of the coalition forces has caused thousands of civilian casualties, and stated that both the United Nations and the United States and France have demanded the need to open an investigation about this incident.

For its part, Spain announced a re-review of its arms sales to Riyadh. For Washington, its frustration rose when CNN revealed that the shell that caused the massacre was a US-made laser-guided bomb delivered by America to its Saudi ally . At the end of August, US Air Force Commander General Jeffrey Harrigan said: “We must addmit our frustration. Furthermore, we must stop following the reservation policy and talk about the details of this incident.”

In March 2015, the US -backed –Saudi-led coalition started  a war against Yemen with the declared aim of crushing the Houthi Ansarullah movement, who had taken over from the staunch Riyadh ally and fugitive former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, while also seeking to secure the Saudi border with its southern neighbor. Three years and over 600,000 dead and injured Yemeni people and  prevented the patients from travelling abroad for treatment and blocked the entry of medicine into the war-torn country, the war has yielded little to that effect.

Despite the coalition claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi bombers are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

More than 2,200 others have died of cholera, and the crisis has triggered what the United Nations has described as the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.

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